Sex Now Survey / Sondage Sexe au presént

Sex Now Survey 2014 ! Sondage Sexe au présent 2014 !

The Next Generation

Urgent Message

We sincerely apologize for the crash. 

Due to technical issues with our host server Sex Now Survey crashed on many guys who were trying to participate in the first week after its launch. The issue was resolved by relocating Sex Now Survey to a bigger and better web server. If you had problems completing the survey in the last few days please come back and do Sex Now again.

When our Next Generation promotion went out we thought we were ready for action. Unfortunately, with the first bulge of traffic from our launch the server was overwhelmed. More than a thousand guys tried to do the survey but were bumped out or left waiting.

We are sorry for all the frustration and wasted time. 

Please do come back. This unforeseen situation has already had an impact on survey numbers. We need big numbers for the studies that will be undertaken with this survey’s data. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

Our technicians have beefed up our server to power bottom status so we’re now ready to take all of you.

Resistance is futile. Every guy’s experience is needed.

Do the Survey Now!

Thank you to the Vancouver Foundation for their financial support.