Sex Now Survey / Sondage Sexe au presént

Sex Now Survey 2014 - 2015 ! Sondage Sexe au présent 2014 - 2015 !

Sex Now Survey: The Next Generation has closed.

Thanks to all who participated in the latest round of the Sex Now survey. 

  • More than 8,100 participated from all parts of Canada.

  • More than 2,100 opted to be linked-in to the next survey in 2017-18.

This kind of broad participation is the key to learning more about what affects gay and bisexual men’s health. We are truly grateful for the willingness of so many to share experience through the survey. 

Research from Sex Now is getting into top journals as we uncover key determinants of gay and bisexual men’s health. What we learn from the survey gets put into practice through dialogue with our network of health professionals. 

Data from the survey gets referenced in policy documents like the BC Provincial Health Officer’s report HIV, Stigma and Society. Graduate students and our young Investigaytors program learn the ropes of statistical research while using Sex Now data to probe a wide range of issues affecting gay and bisexual men’s health.

In short, Sex Now has become a go-to source for new thinking about gay and bisexual men’s health.

Watch this site for a national overview of Sex Now The Next Generation. Coming soon. 

Thank you to the Vancouver Foundation for their financial support.