Sex Now Survey / Sondage Sexe au presént

Sex Now Survey 2014 - 2015 ! Sondage Sexe au présent 2014 - 2015 !

Sex Now Survey: The Next Generation

We’re moving at warp speed toward the midpoint of our voyage.

So far we’ve recruited thousands of men from across Canada for the mission.

We need 10,000!

The Next Generation survey is exploring the living generations of gay and bisexual men: what shapes our different ways of living and ultimately what may shape our health.

It’s a mission with great promise for future generations… where gay and bisexual men’s health research has never gone before.

Every man’s experience is needed for the Enterprise.

Resistance is futile. Do the survey now.

Live long and prosper.

Do the Survey Now!

Thank you to the Vancouver Foundation for their financial support.