Maggie MacAulay
By Maggie MacAulay | October 2014

This year’s CBRC Summit theme was about health literacy: “the ability to access, comprehend, evaluate and communicate information—as a way to promote, maintain and improve health— in a variety of settings, across the life-course”. According to PHAC, an estimated 55% of working age adults and 88% of adults over 65 have less than adequate health literacy.

Poor health literacy often translates to poor health outcomes and is usually correlated with a range of other social determinants such as stigma, poverty, and racism. So, does it make more sense to target literacy or the social factors?

Existing research about...

Blog: Under the Lens
By Sarah Chown | August 2014

Risk refers to the possibility of a negative outcome such as harm, injury, or loss. There are many kinds of risk that we all encounter, from social risks to financial and professional risks to health and safety risks. In the lives of gay men, one source of risk is pervasive heterosexism and homophobia that create...

Quantitative, Qualitative or Versatile

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