By Travis Salway Hottes & Devon Haag with Mark Gilbert | May 2015

For the past few years we’ve been talking to gay and bisexual men in order to design a new STI and HIV testing service.1 We repeatedly heard concerns about the privacy of personal sexual health information and the desired convenience of getting a routine check-up every 3 to 6 months.

The former concern stems from the pervasive sexual stigma ingrained in the lives of gay and bi men. Understandably, gay and bi men don’t always feel comfortable disclosing their sexual orientation or sexual history to their family doctor, or even to nurses at the local STI clinic.

The latter concern reflects the limited access to...

Blog: Under the Lens
By Sarah Chown | January 2015

Decisions about if, when, and how to share one’s sexual identity or sexual attraction are often ongoing in the lives of gay, bisexual, queer, and two-spirit men. Whether men share their sexuality all the time, sometimes, or never, negotiating “the closet” shapes many aspects of their lives from social networks to...