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Feature Article By Terry Trussler | November 30, 2016

Gay Generations: Why our history matters

Sex Now 2015 was an unprecedented opportunity to learn more from gay and bisexual men about what has shaped their health over a lifetime. The CBRC’s...

Blog: Under the Lens By Sarah Chown | November 8, 2016

Health and social inequities along lines of race abound in British Columbia and throughout Canada. These inequities show up both in the general population, as well as LGBTQ+ communities. In addition to these patterns of racial inequities shown in epidemiological data, qualitative research and...

Feature Article By Zach Harcourt | October 15, 2016

“Isiah, how do I look?” I ask nervously.

“Come again?” he responds, visibly confused.

“You know,” I begin. “Can you tell—can you tell that I’m homeless?”

“Zach,” he says flatly, “you look like every other student on campus.”

Oh, thank God, I say to myself....

Feature Article By Travis Salway Hottes | September 7, 2016

Given that gay and bisexual men continue to face pervasive stigma, it is not surprising that we also have disproportionately high rates of suicide in our communities. Suicide continues to affect gay and bisexual men of all ages, in spite of important gains in legal protections for sexual...

Feature Article By Brook Biggin | September 6, 2016
Blog: Under the Lens By Sarah Chown | August 22, 2016
Feature Article By Jean Baptiste Henry | July 12, 2016
Feature Article By Craig Barron | February 10, 2016