By Sarah Chown | August 2014

Risk refers to the possibility of a negative outcome such as harm, injury, or loss. There are many kinds of risk that we all encounter, from social risks to financial and professional risks to health and safety risks. In the lives of gay men, one source of risk is pervasive heterosexism and homophobia that create exclusion, discrimination, and violence – all of which are linked to health and social inequities (1, 2). As Chris Bartlett writes, generations of gay men have lived amidst risk day in and day out: living in the...

Feature Article
By Keith Reynolds | May 2014

A long time ago in a place far, far away...

I never saw myself staying in my hometown, Ladner, when I grew up. Like my childhood hero, Luke Skywalker, I was raised on a farm, needed a haircut, and desperately wanted out. While Luke went on to save the galaxy with the help of some sassy droids and his besties, I...

Quantitative, Qualitative or Versatile

This is where we drag leaders in gay men's health into our Proust spotlight. Get to know your colleagues as they share their work, their passion and a little of their busy lives.

Sex Now 2014 Community Forum

Free community event for gay & bisexual men and their allies

Emporium Room @ Hume Hotel
Monday Sept 1, 2014 7:00pm-9:00pm
Nelson, BC