At the Interface: Exploring theory in the practice of gay men's health

Written by Sarah Chown

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The gay men’s health theories discussed in At the Interface consistently point to the necessity of addressing structural aspects of gay men’s lives. These theoretical perspectives illustrate the complexity and multiplicity of issues we need to respond to in our collective efforts to support and strengthen the health and wellbeing of gay men.
  1. Taking on the Term ‘Men who have Sex with Men’
  2. Beyond the Buzzword ‘Resilience’
  3. Beyond a Single Identity: Privilege & Oppression in Gay Men’s Lives
  4. Lessons from Queer Theory
  5. ‘Homophobia is killing us’: Heterosexism and Gay Men’s Health
  6. Questioning the Clinic: The Role of Medicalization in Gay Men’s Health
  7. Navigating Sexual Risk
  8. Collaborative Frameworks for HIV Prevention
  9. History, Human Development & Health: Looking at the Life Course Model
  10. Coming Out
  11. Understanding Syndemics & Gay Men’s Health


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