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Schedule for Summit 2018
How's Your Head? Sexual Identity, Mental Health and Substance Use
Wednesday, November 7 Pumpjack - 1167 Davie St RSVP
6:00 PM Foreplay Social at Pumpjack presented by CBRC and HIM
7:30 PM HIM Talks Pervertables
Thursday, November 8    
8:00 AM Registration and Refreshments  
9:00 AM Opening Welcome
9:15 AM Plenary Indigenous Truth & Reconciliation 
9:45 AM Plenary Sex Now with Nathan Lachowsky
10:15 AM Plenary Rahim Thawer: Sexuality and the Imprint of Shame
11:15 AM Break Break
11:30 AM Concurrent Sessions  
  Panel Location, location, location: Mental health, and the impact of community and belonging
  Eugene Nam Young, Gay, Positive and All Alone: Innovative Responses to Mental Distress of International Students Living with HIV in Ontario
  Gbolahan Olarewaju Differences and Similarities in Measures of Mental Well-Being by Race/Ethnicity Among MSM in Vancouver, BC
  Kiffer Card Comorbid Anxiety and Depression: A Call for Health Systems Optimization through Social Inclusion and Support
  Eric Roth Bisexual Men's HIV Risk and Prevention Practices in Metro Vancouver
  Panel In the mix: Developing Integrated and Innovative Programs for Gay, Bisexual and Queer Health
  Steéphanie Black How Can Sexual Health Clinics Address Clients' Mental Health and Substance Use-Related Needs?
  Greg Oudman and Misty Bath Health Initiative for Men and Vancouver Coastal Health: Ten Years of Collaboration and Innovation
  Matt Harding The Community MAXImizer Program
  Carly Welham A Peer-led feasibility study of a Dr. Peter Centre Evening Program for people with HIV over 50 who identify as gay or MSM and experience food insecurity and social isolation
  Panel Queer the area: Improving health and well-being through responsive, community-driven Interventions and research
  Kirk Furlotte Addressing older gbMSM end-of-life needs with community inspired health promotion interventions
  Chris Shortall Queerying Nursing Education in Canada
  Trevor Hart Sexual Confidence: Adapting Therapy for Gay and Bisexual Men's Mental Health
  Ilm Kassam Promoting Mental Health and Enhancing Belonging within the Sex Worker Community: A Participatory Approach
1:00 PM Lunch Lunch
    BIQPOC Lunch
2:00 PM Concurrent Panels and Workshops  
  Sam Stiegler, Billy Taylor and Alvaro Luna Countering Stigma Faced by Male Sex Workers: Insights from Health Initiative for Men
  Vincent Francoeur Crystal Meth Interventions 201
  Panel Innovative approaches of combination prevention in the age of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
  Kiffer Card Geographic Barriers Result in HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Discontinuation: How to Improve Retention in Care
  Jeff Morgan the Investigaytors The PrEP Referral Experience of gbMSM and Healthcare Providers in Vancouver, Canada: A Qualitative Study
  Darren Ho gbMSM Health Network Update
  Jeff Morgan and the Investigaytors Investigayting the Experiences of Young gbMSM Accessing PrEP at HIM: Preliminary Findings from an Exploratory Community-Based Qualitative Research Study
  Brook Biggin, Sarah Chown et al Addressing Serophobia in the Sector
3:30 PM Break  
3:45 PM Plenary Harlan Pruden - Two-Spirit Reconciliation: Honouring the Truth; Reconciling for the Future
4:45 PM Concurrent Panel and Workshops  
  Bill White “Bringing People Together:  Coast Salish Elders/Sulsalewh Create Stronger Families.”  A Workshop for Allies and Helpers
  Aidan Ablona Values in Action: Anti-Oppression in YouthCo's Mpowerment Program
  Panel Intersex: A Panel on Community Integration
  Aleksander Berezkin Internalized Intersex Phobia
  Alexander Pershai Intersex, Language and (Self-) Acceptance
6:00 PM Reception  
  Nathan Lachowsky and Ben Klassen HIV "In My Day": Stories From An Oral History Project Documenting the First Decade of Vancouver's HIV/AIDS Epidemic
Friday, November 9, 2018    
8:30 AM Registration and Refreshments  
9:00 AM Concurrent Sessions  
  Len Tooley, Marc-André LeBlanc, Roberto Ortiz Taking Work to Bed: How Gay Service Workers Incorporate Emerging HIV Knowledge into their Professional and Personal Lives
  Panel Trauma, Suicide and Stigma: Current Mental Health Issues for Gay, Bisexual and Queer Men
  Olivier Ferlatte Examining Stigma in the Bereavement Experiences of Gay Men Who Have Lost a Partner to Suicide
  Mike Schmalz The Impacts of Trauma on the GBTQ2 Community, the Stigma Faced and Barriers to Access 
  Travis Salway Age, Period, and Cohort Effects in the Epidemiology of Suicide Attempts Among Gay and Bisexual Men
  Yan Wei (Andy) Mok and Marvin Manuba "Just Get Over It": Perceptions of Mental Health and Stigma of Mental Illness among Asian Gay and Bisexual Men in Toronto
  Michael Kwag, Brook Biggin, Kirk Furlotte, Simon Rayek, Mike Smith, Matt Harding The Advance Project: A National Community Alliance for GBT2Q Men's Health in Canada
10:30 AM Break  
10:45 AM Plenary Olivier Ferlatte - What will it take? Preventing suicide and depression among sexual and gender minorities
11:45 AM Concurrent Sessions  
  Panel More ways than one: Tradition, culture, and Harm Reduction approaches to improve community health and address mental health and addiction
  Terry Howard "Private Sex Party Hosting" Exploring Organic Forms of STBBI Harm Reduction Methods
  Aeron Stark Substance Use and Interactions with Police Among LGBTQ+ Youth in British Columbia
  Lee Ledoux Indigenous and Two-Spirit Approaches to Crystal Meth Recovery
  Ciro Bisignano Addressing Mental Health Addiction Challenges among Racialized GBTQ+: Insights from the ACE Program
  Guillaume Tremblay, REZO Y voir VRAIH : Comprendre la violence dans les relations intimes entre hommes
  Patrick Labay, MIELS-Québec Portrait et enjeux de la PrEP hors métropole au Québec.
  Marc Messier-Peet, Engage Results from Engage Montreal
  Maxime Blanchette Chem + sex: le besoin d'une intervention adaptée.
  Panel How's Your Head?
  Nathan Lachowsky, Daniel Grace, Mark Gaspar, Trevor Hart, Frédérick Pronovost Mental Health Experiences and Service Needs Among Gay, Bisexual and Queer Men: Reflections from the Engage Study
1:15 PM Lunch Lunch
2:15 PM Concurrent Workshops  
  Albert McLeod It will be the artists who give them their spirit back
  Nolan Hill Creating a Culture of Consent for GBT2Q+ Guys
  Mateo Huezo "Reframing Transition: Optimizing Our Tools for Trans Affirmative Care"
  Panel Scene unseen: Substance Use and Sex 
  Dane Griffiths The Sex You Want: PnP
  Dana Pacquette Chemsex Results from EMIS
  Len Tooley & Cameron Schwartz The Poppers Headache: Examining the 2013 Health Canada Policy on Poppers
  Stephen McCarthy Addressing mental wellness and substance use to better offer PrEP to men in Vancouver
3:45 PM Break Break
4:00 PM Plenary Rob Oliphant: Role of Religion on Mental Health 
4:45 PM Closing Plenary  
  Aaron Purdie, Vincent Francoeur, Jared Star, Trevor Hart, Michael Kwag Pan-Canadian Program Implementation and Collaboration


Nov 10, 2018 The Junction (1138 rue Davie Street, Vancouver) RSVP
1:00 PM Opening  
  Rahim Thawer, Sherbourne Health Centre Beyond Eggplants and Peaches: Relationship Communication IRL

Popular culture likes to remind us that the key to a successful relationship is communication. But what does that look like at the moments when you're feeling ashamed, self-conscious, avoidant, worried about loss, jealous, attracted to multiple people, or feeling trapped in domesticity? This interactive and experiential workshop will begin with an exploration of some of the unique experiences queer guys face when seeking both casual sex and long term relationships. We will then delve deeper into our own attachment styles, approaches to open relationships, experiences of jealousy, and the nitty gritty of relationship communication.


    La culture populaire aime nous rappeler que la communication est essentielle aux relations saines. Mais à quoi ressemble-t-elle lorsque vous vous sentez honteux, gêné, attiré par de nombreux individus, prisonnier de la domesticité ou lorsque vous cherchez à éviter les autres et que vous craignez de vivre une perte? Cet atelier interactif et expérimental en abordant quelques expériences propres aux hommes queer qui cherchent des rencontres sans attaches et des relations à long terme. Par la suite, nous jetterons un coup d’œil à nos styles d’attachement, nos approches en matière de relations ouvertes, nos expériences de jalousie et les mécanismes de la communication relationnelle.
5:00 PM Closing