Draft Program for Summit 2017


  Thursday, November 2, 2017  
Room 1900 9:00 AM Opening Welcome
  9:15 AM   Rites of Passage Ceremony
  9:45 AM   Romancing the Package: Mark Gilbert and Terry Trussler
  10:15 AM Plenary Will Nutland: Combo Prevention in the UK
Room 1400-1430 11:15 AM Break Break
  11:30 AM Concurrent Sessions  
Room 1900   Panel Integrating Combination Prevention into Sexual Health Programs
    Ronita Nath Assessing the Drivers of Syphilis Among Gay, Bisexual and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men (gbMSM): A Qualitative Study
    David Brennan Uptake of Combination Prevention Among HIV-Negative and HIV-Positive Gay and Bisexual Men Online
    Rusty Souleymanov Conceptualizing Online Sexual Health Outreach As Combination Prevention Services for Gay and Bisexual Men
    Michael Taylor HIV and STI Testing Barriers and Preferences among Alberta GBTQ Men – a Representative Strategy via Community-Based Research 
Room 1600   Panel Programs & Interventions 
    Chris Aucoin Totally Outright in Nova Scotia: Adapting an Urban-Specific Program to a Provincial Rural-Inclusive Context
    Rick Crosby and Nathan Lachowsky Putting Pleasure into a New Prevention Paradigm: Results of an Intervention with HIV-Negative Young Black Men 
    Mark Randall Integrating Combination Prevention Tools for improved MSM Health Outcomes
    Dionne Gesink Sexual Geographies: Mapping The Sexual Travels, Networks, and Knowledge of Gay Bisexual and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men
Room 1700   Panel HIV, then and now.
    Daniel Grace HIV-Positive Gay Men's Knowledge and Perceptions of HPV Vaccination: A Qualitative Study
    Kiffer Card Examining the Relationship Between HIV-Status and Self-Reported Doctor-Diagnosed Co-Morbidities Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men
    Ben Klassen HIV "In My Day": Reflecting Back, Looking Forward - An Oral History of the First Decade of Vancouver's HIV/AIDS Epidemic 
    Patricia Miller and Julio Galarza 50-Shades of Grey: A Peer Support Model For Gay, Transgendered Person's Living with HIV Inception, Transition, Evolution: A Calgary Alberta Story
Room 1400-1430 1:00 PM Lunch Lunch
  2:00 PM Concurrent Sessions  
Room 1700   Panel  
    Sean Colyer, Rod Knight, Joshua Edward, Matthew Taylor, Nathan Lachowsky Crystal Methamphetamine Use Among Gay, Bisexual and Queer Men: Our Research & Response
Room 1600   Panel  
    Thomas Haig, Joanne Otis, Jacynthe Betts, Allan Lal, Maxime Charest, Darrell Tan MOBILISE!: results of an environmental scan and evaluation of the accessibility of combination prevention for MSM in four Canadian cities
Room 1900   Panel  
    Olivier Ferlatte, Ingrid Handlovsky, Sunny Jiao, Travis Salway Improving mental health among gay, bisexual, queer, and two-spirit men: Insights from Qualitative Research 
Room 1400-1430 3:30 PM Break Break
Room 1900 3:45 PM Plenary Panel PReP: How do we get there?
Room 1400-1430 5:00 PM Reception Reception
  Friday, November 3, 2017  
Room 1900 9:00 AM Opening  
    Plenary Rejean Thomas - Objectifs 90-90-90 : Les défis de la PrEP | Objectives 90-90-90: The challenges of PrEP
Room 1900 10:00 AM Plenary Panel La prévention combiné
    Frédérick Provonost La prévention combiné: Au-delà de la prévention du VIH
    Roberto Ortiz-Nunez The Unmet Mental Health Needs of Guys Into Guys in the Combination Prevention Era
    David Thompson Pills, Injectables and Implants: How Communities Can Strive For Good Participatory Practise in Future Trials of New Preventive Technologies
Room 1400-1430 11:00 AM Break Break
  11:15 AM Concurrent Workshops  
Room 1430   Rahim Thawer Casual Sex Versus Monogamous Relationships: Where Are the Reconciled Scripts for Gay Men?
Room 2245   Blake Hawkins Towards Inclusive and Meaningful Community Engagement in LGBTQ Health Research: An Open Dialogue
Room 1510   William White “It Will Not Be Easy To Know What Is Best.” An Interactive Workshop for Service Providers and Allies 
Room 1520   Brent Clifton Peer Education and Combination Prevention in New South Wales, Australia
Room 2270   Darrell Tan Community Consultation for Developing a Scale to Measure PrEP-Related Stigma
Room 1400-1430 12:30 PM Lunch Lunch
Room 1400-1430 1:00 PM Poster Session   
    Eddy Elmer Marginalization and Mental Health of Sexual Minority Men: Mediating Roles of Lonliness and Stigma Preoccupation
    Logan Lorenz Migration of Gay, Bi and Queer Men in Canada: An Investigaytor Digs Deep Into 2014/15 National Sex Now Data
    Phillip Joy

Exploring Obesity Discourses and the Health of Gay Men using Feminist Poststructuralism

    Olivier Ferlatte Stigma and Suicide Among Gay and Bisexual Men Living with HIV
    Terry Trussler Prejudice & Structural Drivers of HIV among MSM in Canada
    Nassr Nama The Learning Environment in Medical School for LGBT Students
  1:30 PM Concurrent Sessions  
Room 1700   Panel Geographical Considerations for Combo Prevention
    Kim Kinakin and Darlene Taylor Addressing challenges of providing combination prevention in rural BC (Interior Health Region) – Part I and Part 2
    Cari Egan Addressing STBBIs Amongst MSM in Alberta: Recommendations From the 2016-2020 Alberta Sexually Transmitted and Blood-Borne Infection Operational Strategy and Action Plan
    Brent Oliver and Brian Hansen Advancing a Provincial Research Agenda on HIV Prevention for MSM in Alberta
    Jody Jollimore and Darren Ho BC gbMSM Network Update
Room 1900   Panel Acceptability, Accessiblity & Ethics of PrEP
    Alex Smith Davie Buyers Club: history and current state of the generic PrEP importation pathway
    Damon Jacobs PrEP Facts
    Darrell Tan Final Results from the Preparatory-5 Demonstration Project of Daily Oral PrEP Among Toronto MSM
    Nathan Lachowsky Community Awareness, Use & Attitudes of HIV PrEP in Van
    Blake Hawkins HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and the Canadian Media: The Rationale Behind Analyzing the Current Naratives
Room 2270   Panel Fighting Stigma, Building Resilience
    Adam Christianson HIV Stigma and the Effective PrEP User: Insights from Ontarian PrEP users and non-users
    Rusty Souleymanov Party-n-Play and Advances in HIV Biomedical Science: A Call for Combination Prevention Strategy
    Eric Cashmore Accommodating staff with substance use issues in a community-based HIV service organization  
    Brent Clifton HIV Resilience Building - What Australia Has Learned from Our Canadian Family
    Michael Montess Increasing Sexual Freedom for MSM Through PrEP
Room 1400-1430 3:30 PM Break Break
Room 1900 3:45 PM Closing Plenary Mental Health and Combination Prevention
    Travis Salway In and Out: Opportunities to Expand and Integrate Mental Health Services for Gay and Bisexual Men
    John R. Sylliboy Two Spirit Resilience Through Coming Out Narratives
    Frédérick Provonost REZO: Mental Health
  Saturday, November 4, 2017  
  1:00 PM Opening  
    Nathan Lachowsky and Jeff Morgan Developing a Community-Based Provincial Research Strategy, with CBRC's InvestiGAYtors
  3:00 PM Panel  
    Will Nutland Prepsters in UK
    Gbolahan Olarewaju QPOC Organizing
    Fahmy Baharuddin Youth Leadership
    Tyler Robinson U=U
  4:45 PM Closing