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By Olivier Ferlatte
Stigma, Syndemics and Syphilis -  Identifying the drivers of syphilis: Olivier Ferlatte, UBC.
Date: 2016
By Aaron Purdie

An overview of the unique intersectional mental health program offerings at HIM: Aaron Purdie, Health Initiative for Men

Date: 2016
By Hasina Samji

On the rise - Syphilis trends among gbMSM in BC: Hasina Samji, BCCDC.

Date: 2016
By Daniel Grace

The PrEP-stigma paradox: learning from Canada’s first wave of PrEP users: Daniel Grace, University of Toronto; CBRC

Date: 2016
By Craig Barron
Format: Text
Date: 2016
By Jody Jollimore. Florence James

Truth and Reconciliation: Calls to Action and Opening Song: Florence James, Rocky James, Kevin Barlow, Keane Tate & Jody Jollimore.

Date: 2016