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Browse the CBRC Resource Library for research and resources on gay men’s health, the determinants of health, HIV & STI prevention, and community-based research. You’ll find the latest Sex Now reports from the national survey, Gay Men's Health Summit reports, and resources for community development, capacity building and training.

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Title Author/Description Project Format Year
Gays of Our Lives: Stories Uncovered by the Investigaytors The Investigaytors

The Investigaytors’ Qualitative Journey. After two exciting years of exploring quantitative research while working on the Sex Now Survey, the Investigaytors embarked on a new learning journey.

Investigaytors Text 2014
Program: Gay Men's Health Summit 2014

Program: Gay Men's Health Summit 2014

Gay Men's Health Summit Text 2014
Sex Now Across Canada: Highlights from the Sex Now Survey by Province CBRC Sex Now Survey Text 2014
BC Gay Men’s Health Summit Program CBRC Gay Men's Health Summit Text 2013
Beyond Behaviours Program CBRC Beyond Behaviours Text 2013
Beyond HIV/AIDS: gay men expand outlook at B.C Gay Men's Health Summit Craig Takeuchi Gay Men's Health Summit Text 2013
Canadian Blood Services grilled at 9th annual Gay Men’s Health Summit Nathaniel Christopher, Daily Xtra Gay Men's Health Summit Text 2013
Current Knowledge of Young Gay Men: Review of Literature on Young Gay Men's Health David Le Literature Reviews Text 2013
Five Generations of Gay Men Nathaniel Christopher Gay Men's Health Summit Text 2013
Gay Men’s Narratives of Their Acute or Recent HIV Infection Diagnosis Experiences
Daniel Grace Beyond Behaviours Multimedia 2013
Gays of our lives: Stories uncovered by the Investigaytors
The Investigaytors Investigaytors Multimedia 2013
Keeping Gay & Bisexual Men Safe
Adam Isaiah Green Beyond Behaviours Multimedia 2013
Pride, Prejudice & Determinants of Health: What's trending with young gay men? Terry Trussler Sex Now Survey Text 2013
Rethinking HIV in the Future of Gay Men
Gary Dowsett Beyond Behaviours Multimedia 2013
Syndemics Do Not Come Out of a Vacuum: Lessons Learned from Researched from research
Trevor Hart Beyond Behaviours Multimedia 2013
The Gradient: Pride, Prejudice and Determinants of Health
Terry Trussler Beyond Behaviours Multimedia 2013
The Investigaytors Guide to SPSS David Le Investigaytors Text 2013
The Resilience of Indigenous Men with a Same Sex Attraction
Clive Aspin Beyond Behaviours Multimedia 2013
Under the Lens of the Investigaytors: Sex Now 2011 The Investigaytors Investigaytors Text 2013
What New Sero-Converters in Toronto are Saying About the Contexts of Acquiring HIV
Barry Adam Beyond Behaviours Multimedia 2013