Meet the Investigaytors


Darren Ho is a linguistics student at SFU with a penchant for superheroes, a fondness of dark chocolate, and a soft spot for dimples. He spends his time trying to bridge gaps between cultures and communities. He is interested in researching the social dynamics and geographical implications of gay men's health. When not investigayting gay men's health, you can find Darren playing word- or picture- based board games competitively.


Jeff Morgan is an MA candidate at Simon Fraser University, with diverse research interests. His background is in human geography, gender studies, and health sciences. Jeff has broad interests in public health and community-based research, and enjoys volunteering with queer organizations in the community. When not with the Investigaytors, Jeff can be found around East Vancouver gardening, reading, or riding his bicycle.


Kevin Estrada gets life from research design and implementation, evaluation and policy making, and evidence-based practice. Never afraid to be too optimistic, he strives to put theory into practice to foster the potential for transformative social change. He enjoys civic engagement, friendly debates, and privacy.


Logan Lorenz recently relocated to Vancouver for work and holds a bachelor's degree in psychology. He is currently thinking about graduate school in the area of educational leadership. He is interested in learning more about people's perceptions towards health and well-being, and how, in turn, it affects the way they choose to interact with it. When not investigayting, he enjoys playing board games, cooking for friends, and singing along to Cher or Tina Turner (without an audience, that is).


Mark LeMercier recently relocated to Vancouver from the South Okanagan and holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Geography and Sociology. Having worked in the wine industry since graduating, he is ready to redirect his career path to social planning, or potentially, counselling. HIs plan is to pursue a master’s degree, but in the meantime, he is excited to continue volunteering and becoming more involved with the LGBTQ+ community. When not investigayting, you can find Mark fussing over his hair/which hat to wear, playing volleyball, or drinking local beer and wine with friends.


Miles Yeung, born and bred in Vancouver, decided to strike out on his own to Montreal in his early twenties. During his time there, he volunteered with youth at risk at Dans La Rue. Shortly thereafter, he began working as an ESL teacher after attaining his TEFL/TESOL Certification. The travel bug bit him hard, and he decided to explore part of his heritage by teaching English in Japan. It was there that he cultivated his passion working with children and youth. Currently, Miles works at an Elementary School as a School Age Assistant/Programmer for the YMCA. He is intensely passionate about learning how to bridge his passions of community and youth work. In his spare time he enjoys garage sailing, participating in various community involvement projects, and looking for mister right in all the wrong places.


Sam Bhattacharjee is a student of philosophy; and an ardent lover of fine espresso, stouts and vintage bikes--a most perfect trifecta. He is an Inland-refugee claimant from Bangladesh, and derives unfathomable joy in calling this supernaturally beautiful British Columbia home. He is a core-group member at Mpowerment YVR, a YouthCO program, and a volunteer for Stanley Park Ecology Society. He is ever so curious about BC people and nature, and appreciating all things queer and colourful.  Good times are drawing at the beach, or biking down the streets of Vancouver.


Simon Lam graduated from SFU with a BA in Sociology (along with a minor in Criminology) and currently manages the Master of Public Health program at UBC. In the near future, he is looking to move to Toronto and obtain a Master of Social Work. He is interested in seeing how various identities and intersections impacts gay men’s experience in the community. When not investigayting, Simon is cheering on the Vancouver Canucks, reading mystery and thriller novels, and trying to befriend his latest foster cat.


Simon Rayek is a recent UBC graduate who is eager to apply both his analytical and community outreach experience (cultivated through years of painful involvement in student government) to the study of queer men with the hope of bringing about positive change in both his and others' queer communities. Having been born in Mexico, one of Simon's many research interests includes taking an intersectional look at the experiences of recent gay immigrants, with a focus on the challenges faced, and how they might be best overcome. When not investigayting gay men’s health, Simon might be found pouring over modernist fiction, worrying about the appearance of his hair, or composing self-indulgent bios in the third person.