Joshun Dulai

Hearing about Gay Health in Kelowna

On a cloudy Vancouver morning, Olivier and I boarded a plane headed for bright and beautiful Kelowna. Our mission was to present findings from Sex Now 2011 and gain some insight on how to better promote Sex Now 2014 in the region. We also wanted to get some feedback on the kinds of questions that should be on the next survey. Our discussion with community members was held in a quaint coffee shop in Downtown Kelowna and was hosted with the help of Jazzy, the new Men’s Health Project Coordinator at Living Positive Resource Centre.

Making it Work in Nanaimo and Victoria

On the days of March 21st and March 22nd, members of the CBRC with colleagues from
HIM and the BCCDC, embarked on a journey to Vancouver Island to share some data on
gay men living in the province, talk about some of the initiatives that exist in Vancouver,
while at the same time learn about some of the issues affecting men who live in Nanaimo
and Victoria. The workshops were organized by AIDS Vancouver Island ( and
were attended by nurses, therapists, members of the community, and other professionals

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