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Opening the Digital Closet

By Michael Harris February 2013

Ask a teenager how they feel about the constant barrage of distractions that conspire to derail their homework—the Facebook messages, the text messages, the long rabbit hole of flashing video and insipid commentary that is YouTube—and they will answer very simply: “What are you talking about?” The Internet is not a “distraction,” it is simply, “the way things are.” It is the ocean in which one swims. And fish do not complain about being wet.

The mediation of a person’s life by an overwhelming technology like the Internet is only unsettling for someone who knows the world without...

Discrimination at Work

By Michael Harris November 2012

My writing career had two beginnings. First, I started work at the queer paper, where I had fun pumping out stories about queer life on U.B.C.’s campus. It was racy stuff by mainstream standards—complete with graphic depictions of gay sex—but nothing shocking for the readers of Xtra. The second beginning, though, came a year later when I began writing weekly reviews for a major daily paper. These two career tracks ran in tandem for a couple years without one world much bothering the other. Occasionally my editor at the big daily would read something I’d written in Xtra and give...

Reconsidering Social Determinants

By Community-Based Research Centre September 2012
David Brennan to attend Summit 8

This fall, the 8th annual BC Gay Men’s Health Summit will be held under the banner, “Reconsidering Social Determinants.” The stance is an edgy one—it calls up political hot potatoes and also directs our attention to research that has been increasingly sequestered to the margins in recent discourse about gay men’s health. Why organize an entire health summit around social determinants when medical management is the topic of the going conversation? Why focus on variables that are so difficult to pin down, on underlying factors that are so hard to examine, especially while PrEP has dominated discussions elsewhere?

Precisely because...