CBRC Operational Team

Please feel free to contact us about CBRC research and programs:

Jody Jollimore, MPP: jody.jollimore@cbrc.net
Executive Director
Nathan Lachowsky, PhD: nathan.lachowsky@gmail.com
Research Director
Assistant Professor, University of Victoria
Jeff Morgan, MSc: jeff.morgan@cbrc.net
InvestiGAYtors Coordinator - Youth Programs
Rob Higgins, BA: rob.higgins@cbrc.net
Research Manager, SexNow Survey
Michael Haack, BA: michael.haack@cbrc.net
Program Coordinator
gbMSM Health Network Manager
Len Tooley, MPH: len.tooley@cbrc.net
Research & Evaluation Manager
Michael Kwag, BA: michael.kwag@cbrc.net
National Gay Men’s Alliance Director
Jose Patiño Gómez: jose.patino@cbrc.net
National Support Coordinator
Kirk Furlotte, MA: kirk.furlotte@cbrc.net
Regional Manager, Atlantic
Brook Biggin: brook.biggin@cbrc.net
Regional Manager, Prairie
Christof Milando: christof.milando@cbrc.net
Operations Manager
gbMSM Health Network Coordinator
Jared Star, BSW: jared.star@cbrc.net
National Totally Outright Coordinator
Keith Reynolds, BASc: keith.reynolds@cbrc.net
Social Media Coordinator
Terry Trussler, EdD: terry.trussler@cbrc.net
Senior Research Advisor
Rick Marchand, PhD: rick.marchand@cbrc.net
Senior Program Advisor
Pete Fry: pete@cbrc.net
Website Administrator